Why is Executive Protection Important to an Organization

More specifically, it all comes down to people’s personalities, experience, and training. When those responsible for building and maintaining executive protection teams appreciate the importance of all three of these critical aspects, good things are more likely to happen. Perhaps the most dramatic and best-attended employee self-protection programs are rape prevention sessions, using one of the quality commercial DVDs that are available. Executive Protection Recruitment and Personal Protection Staffing can be complicated and ineffective without the resources and industry knowledge that a service provider like us would have. If you are looking for a trained professional to serve as a full-time driver, and also to provide protection services on an on-call basis, we can help. Kroll’s executive protection specialists excel at protecting personnel from both harm and embarrassment, each presenting their own unique threat landscapes.

Leads large, cross-division functional teams or projects that affect the organization’s long-term goals and objectives. Routinely exercises independent judgment in developing methods, techniques and criteria for achieving objectives. Acts as a functional manager within area of expertise but does not manage other employees as a primary job function. Security leaders may need to walk principals, the people the team is protecting, through why the program and personnel do what they do, Fleury says. There are a number of reasons for formally protecting executive leadership within a company.

As such, perhaps the most important security measures revolve around elevated levels of planning, coordination, and management for optimal defense. We hope to have so far scratched the surface of why is executive protection important to an organization. For one thing, persons providing EP services understand the protocol and level of requirements needed to defend from any potentially adverse acts or outcomes involving the executive and the company.

In-house and external event organizers engaging in matters related to the safeguarding a person and the family are aware of all security issues. The actor believes that his intervention is necessary for the protection of the other person. •Consider sterile personal computer monitoring of groups, activists, etc., who would target an executive or their firm (e.g., Darfur, animal rights, eco-terrorists, or political activists focused on the company, etc.). ▪The threat is believed not to exist or is perceived to be at such a low level a program is not merited.

It goes on in the background of the principal’s attention rather than the foreground. While assigned to the Presidential Protective Division, Special Agent Barrera planned and directed security operations for the POTUS and other Cabinet officials domestically and internationally. William J. Cameron served as a Special Agent in the US Secret Service for 22 years in a variety of roles and posts including the Presidential Protection Division. He provided protection to Presidents Bush and Clinton, serving as the Lead Advance Agent and Site Coordinator during the 1993 Presidential Inauguration, the 1992 Republican National Convention and the 1990 G-7 Economic Summit. In addition, Cameron supervised a 12-member task force investigating financial organized crime, working with federal, state, and local police officials. Participated in the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and the National Threat Assessment Center.

In this blog, we examine the many reasons why good, regular training is a critical element of executive protection program success. It seems customary for law enforcement officers and former military personnel to pursue this field because of the obvious overlaps. Of course, as an executive protection specialist, you will learn the ins and outs of caring for your client moving them from place to place safely, or protecting their surroundings to ensure their safety. Much of the variation depends on the definition of the team “executive protection specialist.” If the survey includes security guards in the determination, the numbers will be skewed lower.

His leadership responsibilities included the overall protective and investigative missions of the United States Secret Service within the Los Angeles area. This district including three Resident Offices in Santa Ana, Riverside, and Ventura, is the 3rd largest of the 42 U.S. Lorenzo Robert Savage III, a native of Herndon, Virginia, has been the Chief Executive Officer of a private security company in Beverly Hills, California, since his retirement from the United States Secret Service in April 2018. The United States Secret Service offers certain Law enforcement Officers and people in other kinds of civil service departments. Most of these states at least have minimum standard protection personnel must meet to work within their jurisdiction.

Halls and walls agents are among the most common entry points into the executive protection industry. Many industries such as entertainment, oil and gas, and many fortune 500 companies employ these professional agents who offer round-the-clock protection for their clients. Celebrity securities require different skill sets and are specially trained to provide executive protection. The executive protection company also should be licensed and bonded, insured outside of the United States, and provide workers’ compensation if anything happens on the job. In other cases, the degree of executive protection can vary widely.

In conclusion, let’s provide a definitive response to the question of why is executive protection important to an organization. The simplest answer is that it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It takes a collaboration of different units to ensure the successful protection of an organization. Rarely is there a single point of contact, but rather, multiple individuals work together to see the mission accomplished. This can refer to security drivers, a motorcade, a security operations center, and other considerations.

Maybe that’s because there’s just one QB and head coach on the field at a time, but there are plenty of linemen. The thing is, they all do their jobs, they all make money, and no team can win without them all. And if all the other teams’ linemen get better and we don’t, our team is going to lose. But before you take too many steps on the career path, it really helps to know where you want to go. Tech could turn you on or off, as could report writing, admin work and meetings.

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