Advanced Security Concepts

The guidance on Resuscitation Area Designation describes a standardized approach to organize resuscitation areas and keep essential resources close at hand, ensuring the sickest patients in the emergency unit are clearly identified and receive needed care. The adaptation of this checklist for medical emergency care was led by an expert group from the WHO global emergency care systems network. The WHO Medical Emergency Checklist is appropriate in any setting delivering emergency care, and can be easily adapted to local needs. Health workers involved in deployment and implementation of COVID-19 vaccination require vaccine-specific knowledge to ensure safe and efficient vaccine delivery. This training provides key information about COVID-19 vaccines through short instructional videos, vaccine explainers, job aids, topic briefings, and downloadable presentations.

Our federal partner nominees are recommended directly by the respective federal agency. Our experienced firearms training instructors assigned to the Training Division also offer certification and recertification training to all FBI firearms instructors who provide training to agents in the field and in support of our state and local law enforcement partners. In former roles, he has been a corporate medical director for Johns Hopkins Occupational and Environmental Medicine, leading change at GE Aviation’s second-largest jet propulsion manufacturing site.

Our course provides a mix of theoretical knowledge and real-world style scenarios. You will be trained in basic and advanced firearms, evasive and tactical driving, hand-to-hand combat, executive protection formations and foundational classroom work. The Comprehensive Security Training program focuses on providing the most realistic and practical fundamental base for entry-level candidates in the security field.

Typically, only a small fraction of the marines who are permitted to try out (or “screen”) for the CQB Platoon are actually selected from the grueling 2 week selection process. Those who are selected then have a 4 week long tactical spin-up , in which the CQB Platoon’s current Operators help to get the newly selected candidates ready. The marines and sailors who attend this school learn to violently recapture, or take back by force, United States personnel and property that has been stolen, taken hostage or otherwise compromised. All Companies A,B, and C are located at Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, Yorktown, Virginia. Shortly after the conclusion of Vigilant Warrior, USCENTCOM found itself involved once again in Somalia, this time to cover the withdrawal of UNOSOM II in accordance with a United Nations decision to pull its forces out of that war ravaged country.

He currently serves as the corporate medical advisor to Newmont Mining Corporation and JTI International, and regionally with Kimberly Clark. He is a specialist consultant with International SOS and has consulted to mining, Oil and Gas, financial services, transport, fast moving consumer goods production, healthcare, chemicals manufacturing, and for government agencies. He has special interests in malaria control, HIV and tuberculosis programs, occupational lung disease and heavy metals toxicology. An basic vip protection course is a person who is performing bodyguard services or close protection for a person or group of people. They are considered the internal ring of security for an asset who may have a level of risk that requires protection to mitigate any potential threats. An executive protection officer should have additional training and experience proving this level of security.

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